Solving the whole problem of zero-hassle project support includes logistics. Supplying logistics and transportation alongside rentals has been a critical part of the Mustang Solution since the beginning and it helps deliver the “one-stop-shop” mindset.

Mustang Rentals Ltd Transport Division has the equipment and experience to efficiently and safely provide any service your project needs, from hotshot and light picker hauling to wheeler, crane truck and big beds. While moving and setting up rental equipment might be obvious, Mustang can and does supply all the trucking power your project needs, from service rigs, test equipment, matting, and water transfer equipment, to wireline and coil tubing equipment and reels.

Getting equipment where you want it when you want it safely is as important as making sure it works when it gets there.

Your equipment will be delivered on time, safely, and to your expectations. We use GPS tracking to monitor our trucks for safety, and comply with all applicable industry and government regulations. Mustang Rentals is certified to haul regulated waste and is a federally recognized transporter of dangerous goods. Contact us for more information or a quote today.

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