H2S Scrubbers

Liquid Scrubbers

Mustang’s Liquid H2S Scrubbers provide mobile, H2S removal on any location. They are quick and easy to set-up, with multiple sizes of inlets and outlets ready to fit any application. Mustang’s Liquid H2S Scrubbers utilize Nano-Bubbler technology which increases the surface area of the gas, reducing the amount of Scavenger required for a typical application resulting in a more cost-effective solution.

Liquid Scrubbers
Size Treating Compartments Scavenger Capacity Maximum Gas Rate
3000 Series Single 600 L 500 CFM
5000 Series Dual 1200 L 4400 CFM

Included: All H2S Scrubbers are delivered to location with a standard set of hoses and fittings. Additional hoses and fittings are available upon request

These units scrub high volumes of H2S in many different applications:

  • Fluid Treatment
  • Frac Operations
  • Well Testing
  • Under Balanced Drilling
  • Tank Farms
  • Turn-Arounds
  • Truck Loading/Unloading
  • Vac Truck Venting
  • Well Bleed-Downs
  • Pig Trap Bleed-Downs
  • Nitrogen Purge Scrubbing