H2S Scrubbers

Dry Scrubbers

Mustang Rentals maintains one of the largest fleets of dry-chemical vent gas and exhaust gas scrubbers in western Canada. With units ranging from 1,000 lbs and a capacity of 1 M3 per minute to 10,000 lbs and 80 M3 per minute, we can cover every application.

Our scrubbers have successfully managed 65% + sour vent gas with a single unit. We have units to handle 12 or more flowback tanks on a regular basis, and units to handle vac trucks or pipeline purging operations, as well as units to remove sulfides prior to flare. Our units are skidded, pickup-mobile, or pintle-hitched to be moved by 5-ton trucks. We provide transportation for all of our equipment, along with expert setup and installation.

Our tank vent scrubbers have ports and valves to allow tank trucks to tie in vent lines when loading sour fluid. This allows increased load capacities and reduces chances of accidental release of sour gas.