H2S Scrubbers

Managing and controlling H2S and hydrocarbon odours safely is a critical requirement for today’s oil and gas industry. Safely managing these odours and gasses is critical anywhere that your workers or the public could be at risk of exposure. Mustang Rentals is the most diversified H2S and odour management company in Canada. We utilize both dry and liquid scavenging technologies to provide tailored solutions that can be customized for your specific project.

Our systems can handle any type of vent gas or odour release in oil and gas, wastewater and fiber/pulp applications. We work closely with vendors that provide vac and trucking services, as well as engineering and environmental companies, to provide seamless solutions that work for the whole team. Our units are capable of handling H2S, aromatic hydrocarbons, and other noxious and flammable gas streams from many different sources and in many different applications:

  • Fluid Treatment
  • Frac Operations
  • Well Testing
  • Under Balanced Drilling
  • Tank Farms
  • Storage Tank Venting and Cleaning
  • Turnarounds
  • Truck Loading/Unloading
  • Vac Truck Venting
  • Well and Pipeline Bleed downs
  • Nitrogen Purge Scrubbing

Contact us for detailed information on how one of our systems can assist in your next project. We provide safety and peace of mind for all your emissions management needs.

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